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Albrecht Dürcher Goes South, and his goal is to reform Northern art Wants to make Northern art more systematic through geometry Emphasizes the technical, in particular the geometric Imposes geometry on the human body, finds it in the human body Says Northern artists were taught improperly Apollo Belvedere is Italian model for male body Medici Venus model is Italian for female body Durer’s Adam has well different upper body, and different poses o Leaf hints at shame that Adam will eventually feel o Not as much emphasis on texture o Thinking of Italian ideal/ hair, read brushwork to indicate hair o Looks youthful, may read as feminine Durer’s eve o Not very much interest in rendering female body o Sloping shoulders o Not posed in contrapasto o Pale skin, semi-idealized physiognomy Achievement lies in printing, woodblock, etc Lines before were very thick, didn’t delineate mass Woodblock vs. engraving Father is a goldsmith, so learns to do engraving
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