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Problem of the Bureaucracy: how to remain neutral, efficient, and technically competent when facing pressures from political actors like the president and congress Pros Specialization/ expertise Professionalism meritocracy Division of labor Cons High transaction cost Protocol is good, but at cost of efficiency Spoils system Overlap gotten too big Coordination Resistant to change Pres OMB/Budget Appointments Executive orders Congress Make the laws
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Unformatted text preview: Oversight Control the money Approve appointment Supreme Court Can rule on constitutionality of actions Kinds of Bur. Offices 1. Cabinets (new/5) 2. independent agencies a. CIA, NASA 3. Government Coprerations a. Amtrak, post office 4. Independent Regulatory commicssions a. FCC b. Out of presidential control c. Ded. Trade commission 5. Fiscal and monitary agencies a. Irs b. Federal reserve c....
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