2-13-08 - Free States Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S Grant...

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Party Federalists Era 1788- 1816 Key Issues -Strong federal gov’t -Ratify constitution -National bank -Resume ties with Great Britain -Favored a Tariff Who? New England Merchants Key Candidates and Figures -Alexander Hamilton -John Adams Jeffersonian Republicans 1790- 1824 -Free Trade -Promote agrarian local interests over large national ones -Wanted to re-align with France -Southern Agrarians -Farmers who owned own farms -Middle Atlantic merchants and artisans -Thomas Jefferson -James Madison Democratic Party 1824- Present -Free Trade -Monetary expansionism -expanded suffrage Southern/ Western pioneers and frontiersmen Andrew Jackson Whigs 1832- 1856 -Expanded Suffrage -opposition to democrats -Emphasized personal qualities over issues -Northeast Merchants -Emerging middle class -William Henry Harrison -Stephen Douglas -Henry Clay Repubicans 1856- Present -Anti-slavery Coalition of Whigs Other democrats Midwest/ West
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Unformatted text preview: Free States Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S Grant Parties: organize, coordinate, solve collective action problems, promote voter turn out Republicans Late 1890s-1920s Strong business Middle class Northeast and Midwest Teddy Roosevelt Will Taft Democrats 1860s-1930 Anti-tarriff, pro small Farmers Anti-Interogation South, Working class Immigrants in north Jefferson Davis Populists (1890s) Abolish national bank Graduated home tax Southwest small Farmers Bryant William Jenninss New Deal Democrats 1932-60s Increased size of national government Public works Upper middle class intellectuals Southern Farmers African-Americans, Jews Democrats FDR Me too Republicans 1960s Less Govt Regulation Eliminate social programs Reached out to disaffected whites in the South Religious conservatives Barry Goldwater Richard Nixon Ronald Regan...
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2-13-08 - Free States Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S Grant...

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