1-30-08 - • Because we have liberty we have factions...

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1. Articles/ current events 2. readings 3. constitution 4. group activity Collective Action Group size Motivation-NRA (small, organized groups exert most influence) How high are the stakes? How to overcome Incentives/ coercion o Hybrid cars can drive in carpool lane o Tax breaks for energy-efficient appliances o Taxes/ monitering 1. Locke a. life, liberty, pursuit of happiness b. rights of the governed 2. Baron de Mentesquieu a. Separation of powers b. Limited government 3. Adam smith/ david hume a. Lassaiz faire b. Capitalism, free market c. Limited government in terms of economics Federalist # 10 Factions forming Checks and balances Ambition must be made to counteract ambition Tyranny of the majority a. Solution: to have a large group, with large and diverse interests Governors will be temperate because they will have to represent a large number of people, will want to be re-elected Dislikes pure democracy a. Representation of the minority Liberty is to faction as air is to fire, an ailment without which it instantly expires
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Unformatted text preview: • Because we have liberty we have factions Seven Shortcomings of the Constitution • Equal representation of states in senate • Slavery • Suffrage • Judicial power/ Judicial review o Can declare things unconstitutional • Senators elected by lower house of people • Election of the president • Congressional power VA Plan (Madison) • Supporters: big states, nationalists • Key features: o Bicameral legislature All based on population Senate elected by the lower house o Legislature can make any law Makes congress most powerful, can veto any legislation o Council of Revision NJ Plan • Not constriction of exec and judicial o Multiple ecec leaders o Supreme court (limited appeals) o Unicameral les/ one vote per state • Levy taxes • Regulate commerce Commerce clause o Interstate trade Necessary and proper clause Supremacy clause • Federal authority over state authority Take care clause •...
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1-30-08 - • Because we have liberty we have factions...

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