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11-21-07 - • A masculine art movement about the male...

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Andre Masson, Automatic Drawing o Let the pen go where it would, without any effort on his part to control it o Bypassed all that he knew Internalized social values, morals Called “automatism” The Lovers o Goes back and fills in what the earlier method prompts o Further refinement of the image Surrealism An effort to build on the ruins of art created by Dado Has theories to build on See themselves as avant-garde Don’t see art as upholding the status quo Freud re-defined dreams o Dream=disguised attempt to fulfill desires and wishes o Interest is to cure men and women of mental and emotional disorders Dreams = promote the individual and his/her idiosyncratic qualities o Don’t see their work as therapeutic Reduces into simplified forms to clarify the picture that is underneath Artist represents oneself, one’s experience, rather than the collective
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Unformatted text preview: • A masculine art movement, about the male psyche • Juxtapose things that don’t go together Dali • Primal animal form, evocative but not clear • Deliberate dramatization of the psychological state o Works himself into a frenzy in order to create this state • Tries to precisely render that which is irrational Grattage • Put down layers of paint on his canvas • Then take a knife, and scrape the layers off o Didn’t come off evenly o Help him see things in the painting • Bird imagery o A personal symbol Magritte • Brush strokes, post-Van Gough, is read as part of the artist, o Wanted to avoid this • The false mirror o Eye a window into the soul • Wanted to disturb our sense of reality...
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