11-16-07 - Matisse Age of 22 becomes an artist, when he...

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Matisse Age of 22 becomes an artist, when he convinces his father that he does not need to be a lawyer Starts studying with an academic painter (old school illusionism) Discovers impressionism, but not purely impressionist Not entirely interested in just the optical experience Much brighter palate, moving away from rendering of objects where color corresponds to real color of surfaces Up close, painting breaks down, but from afar it begins to solidify Similar application of paint across the entire surface, but heavier application of paint on the surface Then gives up on pointillist approach, does raw application of paint Paints in the legacy of impressionism Huge pressure to be innovative, experimenting to see who he is and to see if there is a positive response o Feedback from critics and dealers o Responses in public spaces Breakthrough! 1904-05, luxe, calme, ed volupte o Divorces color from optical theory o Color can have its own logic, he can choose the colors as he wants, doesn’t have to choose what we see o Not interested in blending, applied in a loose way o Colors do not fuse into harmonious tonalities, but maintain their own identity o Clash with each other, setting up a movement of their own o Line in opposition to color, does not use line to organize his compositions Women with the Hat o Seen as radically new o Shocking to critics
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11-16-07 - Matisse Age of 22 becomes an artist, when he...

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