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BERG/STRYER VI STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 11 1. Homework 1, 3, 8, 11, 12. Know the sugar structures on 305 except Arabinose, Lyxose, Altrose, Gulose, Idose, and Talose. Know the structures on 306 except Psicose and Tagatose. Be able to draw Sedoheptulose (shown with phosphates on 571). Understand how to convert from linear to ring form (both chemically and intellectually!) (307). Study the whole chapter carefully up to the end of cellulose on page 312. You are not responsible for Glycosaminoglycans etc. (313ff). 2. Be able to draw all assigned sugar structures either in Fischer or Haworth projections. Understand D and L, anomer, epimer, isomer, ketal, acetal, hemiketal, hemiacetal, reducing sugar, alpha and beta anomers, glycosidic linkage, aldose, ketose, and terms on " Naming Rules " handout. Sometimes unusual sugar structures show up on tests, for example, draw β -D-sedoheptulofuranose, or α -D-xylopyranose. Understand about "boat and chair" conformers (Fig. 11.7). Know how to draw, and name
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