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Unformatted text preview: BERG/STRYER VI STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 24 1. Homework 3, 7, 10. We will only cover a few topics in this chapter. You should know what essential amino acids are, and know the list presented (685). Understand the discussion of chirality (Fig. 24.4), and know that many amino acids can be formed by simple transamination. Be able to identify the various derivatives of THF , and be able to complete the THF worksheet handout (690). The other major cofactor in handling the "one carbon pool" is SAM (691-2). Be able to draw the reaction that makes S-adenosylmethionine, know how it is used, and know about homocysteine and vascular disease (693). 2. Know the structure of Glutathione (ECG, 701, and recall Ch. 20 p. 586) and understand what effects a selenium deficient diet would have. Animals have the enzyme glutathione peroxidase , a selenoprotein, which plants lack. Know the relationship of the protoporphyrin ring used for heme groups, and the "jaundice" pigment bilirubin (704)....
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