Exception to respond to a national emergency because

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Unformatted text preview: o combat ONLY with advanced approval from Congress (or by law). Exception To respond to a national emergency because of attack on the U.S., military, and interests. Must report action within 60 days. Congress must authorize further action. 30 day extension allowed (for logistics). It takes a while to get all the personnel/equipment back. Of course, would the US military fall back without firing back? President’s sig = makes it law. This is his role in the legislative process. Later Presidents have taken a proactive role in pushing legislation. Actually meeting with politicians and lobbying/influencing Congress. Divided Government When different parties control House, Senate, and Presidency Presidency. That’s why Reagan, Bush, and Clinton had problems pushing their bills. And this is why George W will have problems in the near future, since the Democrats control Congress now. Veto power (not signing bill into law). Can be used to affect legislative agenda. By blocking “unwanted” bills. By forcing comp...
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