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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 EL PRESIDENTE From WSJ.com Note the key points in time during W’s tenure. The past 12 Presidents, and their approval ratings. Note the two who have a generally upward trend. Functions of the Presidency Functions Head of State Head of Government Commander in Chief Legislative Leader Party Leader National Leader Figurehead Ceremonial Role Like the Queen of England The Queen is also the recognized Head of State for many former British colonies (Canada, Australia, NZ, etc.) Chief Representative of the U.S. Both at home and abroad. To establish and maintain relationships. Using status to influence, and to make friends. Using status to influence, and to make friends. I.e., Executive power …to enforce the law. Bureaucracy (more later) The civil servants who do the work. Mostly under the Executive Branch President appoints about 670 top-level positions. Who then appoint the midlevel positions. But there are almost 3 million civil servant jobs. Merit-based, NOT appointed by the President. Th T...
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