Other than that he hated being president and left the

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Unformatted text preview: enhower* * “Ike” did more behind the scenes for civil rights than was realized at the th th time. Other than that, he hated being President, and left the politics to politicians. He was a 5-star general and used to having his commands followed, with no concern for politics. Positive Negative Character 4 factors that most negatively affects performance. Stress levels Prior experience doesn’t help much. No job prepares you to be Prez of the United States. Deference No one will point out any flaws. “Yes Mr. Prez. That’s a great idea, Mr Prez.” Solving national problems, bound by limitations. Tempted to go around laws to get job done. Silly Constitution and its Amendments. Having to balance morality vs. practicality. Broken promises look bad. Power to Persuade Can use this power to… Push legislation though Congress. Bond with the American people. Influence foreign nations. Charm goes a long way. Popularity The American public tends to hold the President on a pedestal. Respect for the person. Respect for the office. No matter how you feel about the current Prez… it’s still the freakin’ President! Popularity affects power to persuade. Especially in a divided government. Politicians want to join a popular President. Politicians want to be reelected, and you can’t be reelected and without votes....
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