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Unformatted text preview: hus, no loyalty to the Office. th Offi They don’t care who’s Prez… they still have their jobs regardless. Also, about 1 million military personnel. As commander in chief (more in a bit)… Loyalty comes from taking orders. Commanders may be removed. President DOES have power to deal directly with foreign countries. Unlike Queen of England. The Queen does not have the authority to bind UK/Canada/Australia/NZ into anything. The President of the US can do so. The UK’s counterpart – Prime Minister Tony Blair. Also PMs Stephen Harper (Canada), Kevin Rudd (Australia), Helen Clark (NZ). Other countries are set up differently. E.g., Chancellor of Germany – Angela Merkel Treaty Requires 2/3 vote of Senate to approve. Becomes law (subject to Constitution, becomes federal law). Any conflict with federal law, and the treaty overrides (or rewrites) our federal laws. Since a treaty affects our federal law, the SENATE should be allowed to review. They are seen as the “upper” house and know better what is good for the long-ter...
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