The prez has a close network of people he depends on

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Unformatted text preview: sidency Network of bureaucratic agencies that the President relies on. The Prez has a close network of people he depends on, rather than wait for all the “red-tape” to deal with. Factors that tend to boost ratings. War Rally behind your leader! If you or the country is doing well, it must be the Prez. They must be good if they can clean up the mess. People don’t want to say a murdered Prez did a bad job. JFK’s ratings spiked after he was killed. Prosperity Solving another President’s crisis. Assassination Indicators of success Reelection. Pushing legislation. Popularity, etc. Style Character Power to Persuade Popularity Style Or, technique in handling of the Office. 3 styles. “Power brokers” Manipulating the situation. “Popularity contest” Popularity Make the people love you. “Full speed ahead” Do what needs to be done. Character Or, behavior in Office. Active vs. Passive. The amount of energy put into it. Positive vs. Negative. Whether they enjoyed it or not. Character – examples of Presidents examples Active FDR, JFK Nixon Passive Reagan Eis...
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