Used to mean must veto all or none cant pick and

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Unformatted text preview: romises. Congress has to pass a version the Prez is willing to sign. Used to mean must veto all or none. Can’t pick-and-choose which parts to approve/veto. Today, line-item veto may be used. line But only on funding bills, tax cuts, and new/increased entitlement spending. Congress can override vetoes. Requires 2/3 vote in BOTH houses. Only 4% of vetoes ever overridden. One of the few: War Powers Resolution (under Nixon) Nixon didn’t want his power restricted. Congress felt this restriction was so necessary that they had enough votes to go against Nixon. Plus, they didn’t really like him anyway. President serves as the national leader for his party. Expected to help candidates win, using coattail effect effect. It helps to have the President of the United States endorse you. Usually only in close and important races. The Prez probably won’t help a small-town mayor win. President sets national agenda. Communicates values. Represents the U.S. citizens to the rest of the world. Shapes national conscience. Or, re...
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