Vice president used to be a worthless position in

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Unformatted text preview: presents the US citizens to ourselves. Of course, this is all theoretical. Vice President Used to be a worthless position. In recent history, VP has been given more responsibilities. Cabinet-level position. National Security Agency, by law. by Foreign relations. Other If VP leaves office, Prez chooses the replacement, with Congress approving with a majority. The Cabinet 15 cabinet positions (by law) + VP (Plus) Any additional positions the current President wants E.g., Head of the EPA Purpose is to advise Prez & discuss policy. Secretaries of State and Defense are the most influential. Now, Now, also Dir. of Homeland Security. Executive Office of the President Offi Most influential parts. National National Security Council (NSC) Formed by law to deal with foreign policy and military affairs. Headed Headed by National Sec. Adviser (NSA). Ad Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Sets funding and budget priorities. They propose how to spend the money from Congress. White House Office Headed Headed by Chief of Staff. Also well known: Press Secretary Institutional Pre...
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