Which could lead to mass us casualties a likelihood

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Unformatted text preview: y to take out the missile sites. Which could lead to mass US casualties, a likelihood that USSR would launch nukes before we got there, a Soviet invasion of West Berlin/West Germany, and we would launch our nukes in response = end of world. Preemptive nuclear strike against USSR. They would launch = end of world. Run a blockade around Cuba. At this point, Cuba was completely dependent on supplies from the USSR. What did JFK do? He really didn’t know what to do… so he just sort of picked the blockade. He ordered the US Navy (as Commander-in-Chief) to conduct war games off the coast of Cuba. Anyone “accidentally” entering the zone would be stopped and boarded “for their own safety,” since we obviously don’t want outside ships from potentially “being in harm’s way.” In hindsight, he had a 1-in-3 chance of making the right decision… and he chose correctly. Does it make you feel at ease that we’re all still here out of sheer luck? War Powers Act of 1973 *Actually, true name is War Powers Resolution. President can send troops int...
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