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BERG/STRYER VI STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 1 COMPANION : Always start with Chapter Summary . After reading chapter, go through Learning Objectives and Self-Test . Look at Problems and their answers TEXT : The most powerful lesson of Biochemistry is the great similarity between all forms of life on Earth. There is basically one “operating system” and one kind of “software” – the genetic code – used by every organism on the planet. The only logical explanation for this similarity is common ancestry , which means all living things are related, far back in time. There are three domains of life, the Eukarya (eukaryotes), the Bacteria (prokaryotes), and the Archaea . See Figure 1.3. All multicellular organisms are Eukarya, and their cells have nuclei and other structures inside. Bacteria have no nucleus and no real subcellular compartments. Archaea are single celled organisms with no nucleus which tend to be found in extreme environments like hot, acidic, or salty places. Pay close attention to the time-line in
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