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Jazz History 1/18/08 Lecture 1: Music Fundamentals Elements of Music Melody o Harmony o Rhythm o Can hear especially in the drum parts in Jazz Duple vs. Triple Duple: 2 or 4 beats Triple: 3 beats o Waltz Form vs. Style Form o Structure of the music o Ex: Blues Style o The way the music is performed o Ex: New Orleans Jazz Form Letters represent different phrases Phrases normally 4 or 8 bars long Different letters represent different melodic ideas o AB o AABA o AAB o ABAB o ABAC o Blues Pop Music Form AB Chorus o Most common form; The chorus keeps coming back. o Ex – Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah o Ex – Beyonce – Irreplaceable AABA Very common form Many jazz songs in this form Ex – Sonny Rollins – St. Thomas Ex – Lee Morgan – Sneaky Pete Ex – Thelonius Monk – Bye - Ya
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AAB Very uncommon form Ex: - Horace Silver – Song for my Father ABAB Ex- Louie Armstrong – Mack the Knife ABAC Ex – Louie Armstrong – Hello Dolly Ex – Louie Armstrong – Star Dust
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Unformatted text preview: Blues 12 Bar Form Ex- Count Basie Everyday I Have The Blues Ex Thelonius Monk Blue Monk Trading Solos Trading 4s Trading 8s Ex Clifford Brown Joy Sprting Ex Sonny Rollins Tenor Madness Folk Music Oral Tradition Music evolves over an extended period of time Has great significance to a specific culture Art Music Written tradition Music evolves rapidly over time Exponents adhere to transcendentalism Commercial Music Mixed (by ear/written down) Jazz American interpretive music that evolved in part from ragtime It dont meant a thing if it aint got that swingDuke Ellington Common jazz qualities Improvisation Syncopation Polyrhythm Call-and-response Cyclical structure Reharmonization Dissonance Blues Elements Swing Notes...
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Jazz_Lec1 - Blues 12 Bar Form Ex- Count Basie Everyday I...

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