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Jazz History 1/18/08 Lecture 1: Music Fundamentals Elements of Music Melody o Harmony o Rhythm o Can hear especially in the drum parts in Jazz Duple vs. Triple Duple: 2 or 4 beats Triple: 3 beats o Waltz Form vs. Style Form o Structure of the music o Ex: Blues Style o The way the music is performed o Ex: New Orleans Jazz Form Letters represent different phrases Phrases normally 4 or 8 bars long Different letters represent different melodic ideas o AB o AABA o AAB o ABAB o ABAC o Blues Pop Music Form AB Chorus o Most common form; The chorus keeps coming back. o Ex – Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah o Ex – Beyonce – Irreplaceable AABA Very common form Many jazz songs in this form Ex – Sonny Rollins – St. Thomas Ex – Lee Morgan – Sneaky Pete Ex – Thelonius Monk – Bye - Ya
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AAB Very uncommon form Ex: - Horace Silver – Song for my Father ABAB Ex- Louie Armstrong – Mack the Knife ABAC Ex – Louie Armstrong – Hello Dolly Ex – Louie Armstrong – Star Dust
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Unformatted text preview: Blues • 12 Bar Form • Ex- Count Basie – Everyday I Have The Blues • Ex – Thelonius Monk – Blue Monk Trading Solos • Trading 4’s Trading 8’s • Ex – Clifford Brown – Joy Sprting • Ex – Sonny Rollins – Tenor Madness Folk Music • Oral Tradition • Music evolves over an extended period of time • Has great significance to a specific culture Art Music • Written tradition • Music evolves rapidly over time • Exponents adhere to transcendentalism Commercial Music • Mixed (by ear/written down) Jazz • American interpretive music that evolved in part from ragtime • “It don’t meant a thing if it ain’t got that swing”—Duke Ellington Common jazz qualities • Improvisation • Syncopation • Polyrhythm • Call-and-response • Cyclical structure • Reharmonization • Dissonance Blues Elements • Swing Notes...
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Jazz_Lec1 - Blues • 12 Bar Form • Ex Count Basie –...

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