Jazz_Lec8 - blues had not been done in blues style.”...

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Jazz History 2/6/08 Lecture: The 1920s Jazz and Recording Pioneers Prohibition Eighteenth Amendment January 16, 1920 Spreakeasies Victorianism ends Sidney Bechet (1897 – 1956) Born in New Orleans Clarinet and soprano sax player The first jazz ambassador First jazz musician to receive recogition as an artist (?) 1917 – Chicago 1919 o Will Marion Cook’s Syncopated orchestra 1923 o Clarence Williams Blue Five “Wild Cat Blues” 7/30/1923 Okeh Records o 1925 -1929 in Europe o 1941 – “Sheik of Araby” Harry Pace (1884 – 1943) Born in Georia o Music publisher and insurance executive 19 – Valedictorian at Atlanta University Pace and Handy Bros. (1912/) Founs Black Swan (1921) Black Swan Katie Crippen w/Henderson’s Novelty Orchestra o “Blind Man Blues” o Third record released by Black Swan o Recorded February or March 1921 “The first releases were straight songs or novelty numbers in the raggy stile which was that heritage of the Europe – Brynn – Dabney school…the one
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Unformatted text preview: blues had not been done in blues style.” Fletcher Henderson Market success and the beginning of race records • “down Home Blues” by Ethel Waters (Blues singer) o sells 500,000 copies in 6 months • Fletcher Henderson o Staff pianist and recording manager Jelly Roll Morton (1890 – 1941) • Storyville “professor” • Transition jazz piano player • 1905-1923 – itinerate • 1923 – Chicago • New Orleans Joys o July 17, 1923 o Gennett Records Richmond, Indiana o Stride Piano • Grandpa’s Spells King Oliver’s Creole Jazz band • Dippermouth Blues o April 6, 1923 o Gennett Records Dippermouth Blues • Introduction – ensemble • 1 st chorus (head) – Collective improvisation • 2 nd chorus • 3 rd chorus – clarinet solo in stop time • 4 th chorus – clarinet solo continiues • 5 th chorus – enseble • 6 th – trumpet solo by king oliver • 7 th- …...
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Jazz_Lec8 - blues had not been done in blues style.”...

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