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Jazz History 2/15/08 Lecture 12: Louis More Louis… Bessie Smith (1925) (extremely ahead of its time) o “St. Louis Blues” – written by W.C. Handy ‘Lil Armstrong (1926) Hot Fives & Hot Sevens (1926) –formed in Chicago, but never performed live. Gone down in history as one of the greatest jazz small groups. o “Heebie Jeebies” (1926) First recorded example of scat singing – 2:07 Louis came up with thw word/scat “bee bop” Listened mostly by the black community; as well as some white musicians o “West End Blues” (1928) Most famous jazz solo – opening line of song Earl father Hienz – piano player Louis Armstrong and His Stompers (1927) o “Chicago Breakdown”: 5/9/1927 (live performance) Columbia records Sunset Café. 313-17 East 35 th St at Calumet Avenue Hot vs Sweet o Racial attitudes towards jazz Louis and Historiography Jazz Sainthood (?) o Blacks in the 40’s and 50’s began to look down on louis bc he wasn’t as
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Unformatted text preview: progressive as he should be. Selling out to the white community. Uncle Tom perceptions (?) Didnt have a good manager to make sure he looked good o Film o Commercialization A Rhapsody in Black and Blue (1931) ft. Louis Armstrong Make note of racial stereotypes portrayed in the film. o Showed a poor hysterical black man playing music to a record o Showed a black disobedient man looking overly ecstatic with a overly head of household wife. o Calling of a grown man a boy. o A picture of Lincoln on the wall o Showing black man in tribal clothing and talking what seams to be nonsense; screaming erratically. o They are in jazzmania Louis is playing to appease a king o King lights a match on a black man and then tosses the hot match on him. The king was smoking and smoking is considered a commoners thing to do. This film would probably have only been played in paramount theatres....
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Jazz_Lec12 - progressive as he should be. Selling out to...

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