Jazz_Lec13 - • Band members included o Bing Crosby Bix Beiderbecke Mildred Bailey Red Norvo Frankie Trumbauer Bing Crosby(1903 – 1977 –

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Jazz History 2/18/08 Lecture 13: Paul Whiteman Paul Whiteman (1890 – 1967) – Started out as a violist in San Francisco. -the sound he created in San Francisco became the New York Sound -Was not well liked in his career, but now they see his great contribution -wanted to refine jazz and tame it. Make it more respectable “King of Jazz” Most popular bandleader of the 1920’s Exponent of sweet jazz The first to write down/score jazz for an orchestra (?) Whispering ” (1920) – First record he made in New York. Style- Ragtime o Sold ca. 3,000,000 copies Rhapsody in Blue o “An Experiment in Modern Music” o February 12, 1924 o George Gershwin o The first Jazz Concerto King of Jazz (1930) o 2nd “talking” color film made
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Unformatted text preview: • Band members included o Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke, Mildred, Bailey, Red Norvo, Frankie Trumbauer. Bing Crosby (1903 – 1977) – singer-liked to drink a lot and got in trouble a lot. Involved in the mafia and such. Fired by Paul Whiteman and finally cleaned up his act. • Born in Tacoma, Washington • Most influential and popular early jazz singer • Transition figure • Paul Whiteman (1926 – 1930) o Rhythm boys “ Mississippi Mud ” – 6/10/1927 “Paul Whiteman was known as the “king of jazz”, and no one as yet has come near carrying that title with more certainty and dignity.” – Duke Ellington Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra • Tribute to Paul Whiteman -...
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