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Jazz_Lec15 - • 8 bar B – muted trumpet plays melody •...

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Jazz History 2/22/08 Lecture15: Tucsonweekly.com to see who is playing around town in venues around the city or Tucsonjazz.org First one is Due March 5 th Music Forms in American Music Minstrely o Binary verse-chorus (AB) – the common form used today Ragtime o AABBACCDD (prototypical piano form) o Blues form Jazz o Blues form o Verse – Chorus form (which was popularized in tin pan alley) Verse – Chorus form Two sections o 1. Verse. Usually in aab form. Sounds through-composed o 2. Chorus or refrain, uses repeated material Chorus is usually 16 or 32 bars and is in AABA format. ABAC,AABC, and ABCD are common too. B section called the “bridge”, “inside”, “middle 8”, and “release.” “rockin’ Chair” –not in the common AABA form. 8 bar intro – ensenble, sax solo (chorus 1) 8 bar A – muted trumpet plays melody
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Unformatted text preview: • 8 bar B – muted trumpet plays melody • 8 bar B’ – Trombone improvisation (jack) • 8 bar A’ – Trumpet improvision • 4 bar tag – transition to next chorus • (chorus 2) 8 bar A – jack sings; call-and-response • 8 bar B –jack sings; call-and-response • 8 bar B’ Jack sings; cal-and-response • 6 bar A’ – jack sings; call-and-response • 4 bar tag – transition to next chorus • (chorus 3) 8 bar A – ensemble • 8 bar B – trumpet solo • 8 bar B’ – clarinet solo • 8 bar A’ – ensemble • 3 bar out Class assignments • take note of the stereotypes and symbolism represented in the betty boop film o what is the relation to jazz ans society in general? • When the film finished summarize in a brief paragraph. •...
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