Jazz_Lec17 - He would only sign people who he knew needed...

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Jazz History 2/27/08 Lecture 17: Duke Ellington Edward “Duke” Ellington (1899-1974) – born from a mid class black family. Father was a butler and wanted him to become a lawyer. Went to school be an architect. Worked at a soda shop and played piano there for free drinks. Born in Washington D.C Pianist, Composer, arranger, bandleader Exponent of the “swing” style o Wilber Sweatman (1923-1924) – One of the people involved in the first black jazz record Washingtonians (1924-1926)- Ellington formed this group o Kentucky club (worked there from 1924-1926) Irving Mills (1926) Irving mills (1894 – 1985) raised in the jewish ghetto then worked as a song plugger for Leo Flise Born in NY Jewish Ghetto Publisher and manager Leo Feist (1919) o Worked for him as a song plugger Mills Music (1919-) Clients included o Dike Ellington o Cab Calloway orchestra o Ina Ray Hitton and Her Orchestra
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Unformatted text preview: He would only sign people who he knew needed help and couldnt do it on their own. Knew there were people taking advantage of these artist and he wouldnt do that. Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang o High and Dry (1930) Duke And the Cotton Club Blacks were not allowed in the cotton club unless working there or if you were very special. o House bands at the Cotton Club o Andy Preer and the Cotton Club Orchestra (1925-1927) Andy Preer was the house band leader but he died o Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club Orchestra o December 4, 1927-1930 o Radio Broadcasts o Srart of the Swing style (?) o Unofficial start of the Swing Era o Ellington band Tradmarks o Muted Trumpet growl o Exotic rhythms/Textures Jungle music association Harlem Renaissance o East St. Louis Toodle-oo Theme Song...
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Jazz_Lec17 - He would only sign people who he knew needed...

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