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Jazz_Lec18 - Big Bands –evolved in the mid thirties •...

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Jazz 3/3/08 Lecture 18: The Swing Style Vaguely means o Music from the Swing –era (ca. 1935 – 1945) Chiefly big band, but not necessarily. Could have a small group play but it had to be from that era o Music that “swings” (see preivous) o Style of music championed by Duke Ellington “it don’t mean a thing (if it aint got that swing” It don’t mean a thing (if it aint got that swing) (intro) 10 bars – scat solo w/ rhythm section vamp (1 st chous) 8 bars/A – muted trombone solo A – trombone plays A phrase melody B- plays B phrase melody A – Plays A Phrase melody (2 nd chorus) – A – Ivey Anderson sings lyrics A – same as previous B- B melody enters A – same as previous A (3 rd chorus) (4 th chorus) B- A (5 th chorus) A B- scat A –lyrics return; out
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Unformatted text preview: Big Bands –evolved in the mid thirties • Improvisation limited o Arrangements • Composed of 4 sections o Trumpets o Trombones o Woodwinds/saxophones – Sax popularized by jazz o Rhythm Piamo, guitar or banjo, bass or tuba, drums Terms • Antiphony – Call and response • Library – library of arrangements. Ex o Book - • Charts • Section • Balance • Lead Player • Walking bass • Swing 3 Periods of Mass Musician Extinction (figure of speech) • 1927 – 1930 o Introduction of talking pictures o Depression (collapse/consolidation of record industry) o There were many record labels but when the economy went south, many folded and the bigger ones bought up a lot of the small labels. •...
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