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jazz_Lec28 - Jazz history Lecture The end of the Swing Era...

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Jazz history 4/9/08 Lecture : The end of the Swing Era: The Contributing Factors Three periods of Mass Musician Extinction 1. 1927-29 o introduction of talking pictures o Depression (collapse/consolidation of record industry) 2. Ca. 1944-49 o Golden Age of Radio comes to a close o Plus many more factors 3. … Top “Swing Era” Icons A “Hot” revolution? Benny Goodman o Ca aug. 1935 – jan. 1938 o Disbands after Carnegie hall Artie Shaw o Ca. Summer 1938 – 1939 Contributing factors 1. Glenn miller and the rise of commercialism o Rises to fame in 1939 “in the mood” o Glenn Miller Army Air Force band (1942)
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o 22 number 1 songs “Chattanooga Choo Choo” first Gold record o Big Bands = Novelty music? 2. ASCAP radio ban o ASCAP radio ban January – November 1941 o No ASCAP composers were allowed to be aired o BMI steps in and begins to sign new composers. 3. Petrillo AFM recording band o AFM recording ban August 1942 – November 1944 o Prevented musicians from recording.
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