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Jazz_Lec39 - A cultural/music Revolution and the decline of...

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Jazz History 5/7/08 Lecture :More Coltrane, Miles, and other stuff A Love Supreme Avant Garde jazz o Lack of traditional form (blues, aaba, etc) o Use of structure (meter, harmony) o Continuation of bebop, mainstream jazz, etc o Highly experimental Rec. December 1964 Landmark jazz album o The final masterpiece jazz recording from jazz’s “golden age” (?) Free Jazz vs. avant garde Free jazz Lack of traditional form (AABA, blues, etc) Lack of traditional structural elements (meter, traditional scales) Improvisation is determined by the performer Avant Garde Lack of traditional form (AABA, blues etc) Adherence to traditional structural elements Improvisation is generally worked out beforehand Some parts might be written down 3 periods of mass musician extinction
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1. 1927-29 o introduction of talking pics o depression (collapse/consolidation of recording industry) 2. 1944-49 o golden age of radio comes to a close o plus many more factors 3. 1959-67 o golden age of recording studios comes to an end.
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Unformatted text preview: A cultural/music Revolution and the decline of jazz in the 1960’s • rise of R&B and the Midwest labels o 1959-1960s: Motown; Detroit,Michigan o 1950s-1960s: Sun records; Nashville Tennessee • Generational divide o Baby boomers vs Swing generation • Death of jazz pioneers (1956 -1973) o Lester young, coleman Hawkins, billy holiday, john Coltrane, louis armstrong, duke ellington, Charlie parker, Dorsey bros., etc… • British Invasion – 1964 • Commercialization of music The “Hit” psychology • “the failure to ignore the difference between good records and hit records is…missed the rest of quote” Miles Davis • 1965-67 – Free-bob period • 1968- Filles De Kilimanjaro • 1969 – in a silent way o miles’ first fusion record • 1969 – Bitches Brew o 12 piece group o includes electric piano and electric bass Jazz-Rock Fusion • What jazz elements are missing?...
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Jazz_Lec39 - A cultural/music Revolution and the decline of...

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