essay 3 - Big Girls Dont Cry The film The Crying Game...

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The film The Crying Game proves how trust in a relationship can be deceiving and that a persons trust cannot be acquired immediately as shown through the word choice chosen by Neil Jordan . Fergus, a soldier of the IRA, holds British soldier Jody captive, yet the two form a bond and begin to gain each other’s trust . Jody tells a story of a scorpion and a frog . A scorpion wants to cross the river, but he can not swim . He finds a frog who can swim and asks him for a ride over . The frog is skeptical because he knows that the scorpion will sting him if he does . After a little persuading, the scorpion gains the frog trust and they head across the water . Half way through the river the frog feels a burning sensation in his back; the scorpion had stung him . The frog asks, “ Why did you sting me Mr . Scorpion, for now we will both drown?” The scorpion replies, “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature” (Jordan). The Crying Game, written and directed by Neil Jordan, poses interesting questions about gender identity; many of these questions echo the sentiments of other writers about gender and sexuality . One of the interesting questions that The Crying Game raises is how we identify who is a man and who is a woman . Dil masks her identity with as many physical female features as possible . She has long and curly hair, wears attractive dresses, puts on make-up and talks with a high pitched voice . According to Kate Bornstein’s book, Gender Outlaw , “There are many different gender attributes which people use . Many of these include behavioral, textual, mythic cues, power dynamics and sexual orientation as indication . Dil certainly tries to adopt as many
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essay 3 - Big Girls Dont Cry The film The Crying Game...

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