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BERG/STRYER VI STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 21 1. Homework 2-5, 7-11. Know the structure of glycogen , and that it is found in the cytoplasm of both liver and muscle cells. Know that an average person has about 280 Cal of liver glycogen, and 480 Cal of muscle glycogen, where one nutritional "Calorie" equals one biochemical "kilocalorie" (not in chapter!). What do these numbers imply about the functions of glycogen in the body? Glucose-6-phosphate is at a metabolic crossroad – know the various ways that it can be used (Fig 21.3). The breakdown of glycogen involves (a) phosphorolysis releasing glucose-1-P, (b) remodeling of glycogen for further breakdown, and (c) changing glucose-1-P into glucose-6-P. Phosphorolysis requires an enzyme with an active site that excludes water, otherwise hydrolysis would occur instead. Glycogen Phosphorylase is a complex and interesting enzyme which is discussed at length in the chapter. The remodeling is done by a bifunctional enzyme (in eukaryotes) – transferase
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