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How to study for POL 203 test - One will ask you to explain...

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How to study for POL 203 test? Things you need to know? GENERAL STUFF The exam will include all authors covered on the syllabus. The main focus of the questions will be on concepts/ideas that were discussed in class as well as on the reading list. If you don’t know what you should focus on, start with your class notes, specifically the outlines that I put on the overhead. I have put most of the outlines on D2L. In addition, there will be questions about the films shown in class. The format of the test. There will be 35 multiple choice, true/false, matching, quote identifications. In addition there are 4 short answer questions.
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Unformatted text preview: One will ask you to explain why your false answers are false, another will ask you to clarify one out of 4 concept (you will need to identify who wrote about the concept). Recommendation on how to prepare: for this exam, you need to know what said what so you should make a list and “summarize the main argument of each theorist” as well as identify the main concepts of each theorist. You should be able to define each concept, say what it is not, and give an example. Some (but not all) Specific things you need to know: How to clarify a concept Focus on the democratic theorists...
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