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Who is Durrenmatt

Who is Durrenmatt - “The state today cannot be visualized...

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1. Who is Friedrich Durrenmatt? 2. How do you interpret the character of Claire? 3. Who are the townspeople? 4. What is the “moral” of The Visit? Revenge? Democratic need for Heroes? 5. Why is The Visit a tragic-comedy? 6. A question: At what point does economic necessity turn democracy into a hoax?
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“They will kill you. I knew it from the start, and you too knew it for some time, even if no one else in Gullen will own up to it. The temptation is too great, and our poverty too dire. But I know more than that. I too will be party to it. I feel myself slowly becoming a murderer. My faith in humanity is powerless. And because I know it, I've become a drunkard. I am scared, Ill, the way you were scared. I also know that some old lady will come for the rest of us someday, and that what is now happening to you will happen to us. But soon, in just a few hours perhaps, I won't know it anymore.” Alfred—The Schoolteacher “ The town made me a whore. I will make the world a brothel” Claire
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Unformatted text preview: “The state today cannot be visualized, for it is anonymous and bureaucratic. The representatives of our world are missing, the tragic heroes are nameless. Any small-time crook, petty government official or policeman represents our world better than a senator or president. . ..Things happen without anyone in particular being responsible for them. Everything is dragged along, and everyone gets caught somewhere in the sweep of events. We are all collectively guilty. . . . Comedy alone is suitable for us. Our world has led to the grotesque as well as to the atom bomb . ..The conclusion might easily be drawn that comedy is the expression of despair, but this conclusion is not inevitable. . .. Another answer would be not to despair [but] to endure this world in which we live. . .. In laughter, man's freedom becomes manifest; in crying, his necessity. Our task today is to demonstrate freedom. . .. Tyrants fear only one thing: a poet's mockery.” Durrenmatt...
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Who is Durrenmatt - “The state today cannot be visualized...

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