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phys6b lab 4 - 4.4 Yes As the magnet is brought closer to...

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Derek Pan Physics 6BL Lab 4: Magnets and Inductors 1) When the current is reversed, all the compasses point in the opposite direction. 1) 30 degrees 2) 15 degrees, doubling the distance halved the degrees of deflection 3) At about 15 cm 4) The farther away the compass is, the less it gets deflected. 5) 30 degrees 6) 12 degrees 7) 5 degrees 8) 2 degrees 3.1) Yes. The compasses point towards or away from the rod, depending on the end that they are closer to. 3.2) Yes. The compasses change their orientation. 4.1)When the magnet is brought close to the coil, the needle deflects in the positive direction. When pulling away, the needle points in the negative direction. 4.2) When the magnet is brought close to the coil at a higher speed, the deflection is greater. 4.3) Yes. The closer the magnet is to the coil, the greater the flux is.
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Unformatted text preview: 4.4) Yes. As the magnet is brought closer to the right end of the coil, it is creating a flux from right to left. In response, the needle shows that a current is positive (moving from the positive end to the negative end), which is in the opposite direction. This corresponds with Lenzs law, which states that magnetic fields always fight change. 4.5) It is the same. 4.6) It is in the opposite direction. 4.7) Since the flux is now in the opposite direction, the magnetic field is fighting the change in the opposite direction. 4.8) The amount of deflection is generally larger. The rod acts as a conductor, causing a larger amount of flux. Therefore, there is a larger amount of counter current to correspond with this....
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