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Writ50 Candidate Analysis Essay

Writ50 Candidate Analysis Essay - Derek Pan Candidate...

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Derek Pan Candidate Analysis Obama the Pacifist Introduction: Obama, the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party could make history by becoming the first black president of the United States. Like all candidates, he does have his own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some call him indecisive and inadequately prepared to become president, while others label him as the only candidate that truly represents the citizens of America. Here, these strengths and weaknesses will be explored. Early Life: Barack Obama, the US senator of Illinois is the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party for the 2008 general elections. The presidential nominee was born in Honolulu Hawaii. Early on he attended catholic school, before moving to Indonesia with his mother where he attended local schools from ages 6-10. In the third grade, according to his sister, Obama wrote an essay saying that he wanted to become the president. (www.chicagotribune.com, 2008) Later on, he returned to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. In his memoir, Obama described what it was like to grow up with his middle class working family. This could hint at his agenda as president to help the average American. Road to Becoming President: His political path started in 1993. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Obama moved to Chicago and joined a law firm where he specialized in civil rights law and neighborhood economic development. Being very active in the political affairs of Chicago, he was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996. Many assignments were appointed to him, including co- chairman of the bipartisan Joint Committee and Administrative Rules. Obama became more involved when in 2005, he accompanied Senator Lugar to Russia on a mission to renew anti-proliferation efforts
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between multiple nations. This was an effort to find and secure nuclear weapons that have spread around the world. His stance on restricting military weapons for peace was clear. On February 2007, Barack Obama stood before the historic capitol building in Springfield, Illinois and announced that he would run for president. (Egypt News, 2008) When compared with Hillary Clinton, Obama’s achievements are substantially greater and more concrete. While Clinton authorized twenty bills in the course of six years, Obama authored 152. Furthermore, he has sponsored or co-sponsored570 bills in the 109 th and 110 th Congress while sponsoring 15 bills that have become law since he joined the Senate in 2005. (Helenann, 2008) Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were passed. Of these amendments and bills, a great majority focus on energy efficiency, health care, and consumer protection. This adds up to a staggering accomplishment. (Pollack, 2008) General Candidate Platform: Barack Obama’s platform, being Democratic, seems to be geared towards middle and lower class Americans. The democratic nominee’s highest priorities on issues include healthcare for all, ending the war in Iraq, and reducing harmful emissions to improve the environment. (boston herald, 2007) His plan
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Writ50 Candidate Analysis Essay - Derek Pan Candidate...

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