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chinese40 cult of mao essay

chinese40 cult of mao essay - Introduction to cult Mao...

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Introduction to cult: Mao Zedong was not only the leader of China during the mid 1900’s, but also a symbolic figure. During the Cultural Revolution, Mao became glorified into a personality cult. By presenting himself as an enemy to landowners and rich business owners, he drew a lot more popularity amongst the majority of the population (peasants, farmers, and workers). -Mao’s expressed support towards the idea of personality cults: “There are two kinds of personality cults. One is a healthy personality cult, that is, to worship men like Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin. Because they hold the truth in their hands. The other is a false personality cult, i.e. not analyzed and blind worship.” -Youth: China's youth had generally been raised during the Communist era, which had taught them to idolize Mao. The youth also did not remember the immense starvation and suffering caused by Mao's Great Leap Forward, and thus their thoughts of Mao were generally positive. Thus, they were his greatest supporters. Their feelings for him were of such strength that many followed his urge to challenge all
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