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mcdb1b lab report - Derek Pan EEMB/MCDB Lab 4 Effects of...

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Derek Pan EEMB/MCDB Lab 4 Effects of Exogenous Glucose on Gibberellic Acid Production in Barley Seeds Introduction. Plant hormones, GA (gibberellic acid) and ABA (abscisic acid), control the germination of plant seeds. ABA acts to keep a seed dormant and protected when conditions are unfavorable for growth. When a new seed leaves the plant, it can survive for hundreds of years [2] by maintaining an extremely low metabolism. This caused by ABA. In addition, ABA also responds to harsh environments by preventing growth. This keeps the seed safe until it finds favorable conditions to grow into a plant. GA on the other hand, triggers the germination of dormant seeds. Generally, GA is produced only when the seed is in favorable conditions. For example, when a dormant seed comes in contact with water, GA is secreted by the embryo. This hormone then triggers the secretion of alpha-amlylase, which acts with beta-amylase to break down starch into glucose which is a vital nutrient for plant growth. [1] Unfortunately, a seed in nature rarely comes in contact with pure H2O. The purpose of this experiment is to test the effects of glucose on GA production in the embryos of barley seeds. The exogenous application of glucose mixed with water is expected to delay the signaling pathways for GA production. Glucose plays an important role in the germination of plant seeds (the scutellum uses glucose to spur its growth). However, too much glucose, when applied from an external source, should trigger the suppression of GA (the hormone that causes the natural breakdown of amylase to glucose) due to the
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mcdb1b lab report - Derek Pan EEMB/MCDB Lab 4 Effects of...

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