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BIO-104-L1                                       Ms. Rodriguez  Spring 2009 Name:_________________________________ Extra Credit Quiz DNA 1. You have added the agarose powder to the TBE solution. What do you need to do to get an agarose gel ? (2 point) 2. Agarose _____ (1 point) a) is a monosaccharide b) is produced by seaweed c) gets hydrolyzed into monosaccharides upon heating d) is the active ingredient found in Jell-O e) only forms a gel-like matrix after the solution is cooled below 10 ˚C in the refrigerator 3. Which statement is false about DNA (1 point) a) DNA is negatively charged b) DNA is a double-helix
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Unformatted text preview: c) Can be degraded by DNA polymerase d) Is made of nucleotides containing the sugar deoxyribose e) Is made of nucleotides containing either adenine, cytosine, guanine, or thymine 4. 100 microliters is equal to _____ milliliters (1 point) 5. What is the best instrument to measure 100 microliters ? (1 point) a) Pipette b) Graduated cylinder c) Weigh boat d) Micropipette e) Erlenmeyer 6. DNA fragments can be separated by _____________ using ___________. (2 points) a) size, PCR b) charge, agarose gel electrophoresis c) size, VNTRs d) size, agarose gel electrophoresis 7. What did you like most about this class? (2 points)...
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