301F01T3 - Biochemistry 694:301 Third Test Dr. Deis Tue....

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Biochemistry 694:301 Name___________________________ Third Test Dr. Deis last 5 digits of I.D. Num ____________ Tue. Nov. 20, 2001 Row Letter ____ Seat Number ______ This exam consists of two parts. Part I is multiple choice. Each of these 25 questions is worth two points. Answer the Part I questions on this sheet, below. Answer the Part II questions on the question pages. Please use BLOCK CAPITAL letters like this --- A, B, C, D, E. Not lowercase! 1. ______ 10. ______ 18. ______ 2. ______ 11. ______ 19. ______ 3. ______ 12. ______ 20. ______ 4. ______ 13. ______ 21. ______ 5. ______ 14. ______ 22. ______ 6. ______ 15. ______ 23. ______ 7. ______ 16. ______ 24. ______ 8. ______ 17. ______ 25. ______ 9. ______ GRADE: Part I Total _______ Part II: II-1 _______ II-2 _______ II-3 _______ II-4 _______ II-5 _______ Part II Total _______ _______
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694:301 Third Exam, page 2 Name ________________________ 1. Which compound allosterically decreases the activity of Isocitrate DH? A. ATP D. F2,6 BP B. ADP E. Citrate C. cAMP 2. Succinate DH occurs where? A. mito matrix D. outer membrane B. mito inner membrane E. lumen of endoplasmic reticulum C. cytoplasm 3. How many "~P" or "ATP" are produced by the oxidation of one mole of Pyruvate in respiring mitochondria? A. 2 D. 12.5 B. 6 E. 30 C. 10 4. In the mechanism for the Pyruvate DH Complex, what re-oxidizes Dihydrolipoamide to Lipoamide? A. NADPH D. FAD and NAD+ B. NAD+ only E. none of the above C. FAD only 5. Acetyl CoA labeled at C-1 is introduced into the Citric Acid Cycle. Where does the carbon show up in alpha-Ketoglutarate during the first turn of the cycle? A. C-1 D. C-4 B. C-2 E. C-5 C. C-3 6. The Fe 4 S 4 Iron Sulfur Cluster is shaped like a A. sphere D. baseball diamond B. doughnut E. cube C. triangle 7. Compared with cytochromes, iron sulfur clusters are A. higher in energy, evolutionarily older B. higher in energy, evolutionarily younger C. lower in energy, evolutionarily older D. lower in energy, evolutionarily younger E. none of the above 8. A "Racker's Knob" consists of the F 1 "knob" and the transmembrane F o . The movement of protons inward through the Racker's Knobs causes rotation of
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301F01T3 - Biochemistry 694:301 Third Test Dr. Deis Tue....

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