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Logan A. Johnson 113258 Prof. Fleming HE112/5007 February 11, 2008 Endless Love “Sonnet 116” by William Shakespeare addresses the concept of ideal and pure love , which will stand the test of time . This poem is not about how love feels as an emotion, but how it should last eternally . The speaker describes the nature of this true and eternal love through simple metaphors using nautical terms and simple structure . The first quatrain of “Sonnet 116” references how true love should last forever . Love should survive any crisis and should not be affected by changes over the course of a life time. Love does not fade over time the way beauty does as described in line twelve . The narrator specifically mentions that love does not bend or change when faced with adversity . It does not last a solitary day, a single night, or just a few years . People should bear “it out even to the edge of doom” or forever . Love is like a contract that two people sign and that contract is not over until both participants have taken their last breath . The stars in line seven and eight are used as a visible comparison to the emotion of love in this sonnet . The stars guide a ship out at sea. The narrator explains how navigators use a star’s height to find their course in the ocean , but that navigator does not know that star’s true worth because it has always been there
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Sonnet 116 - Logan A. Johnson 113258 Prof. Fleming...

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