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Logan Johnson 113258 Just a Worn Out Bag The REI Women’s Grand Tour Backpack. $185.00. Adjustable strap. Connected day pack. Three hidden pockets. Bottom pocket. Forty-two liters. High hip strap designed specifically for females. I read all of this on the label at REI three weeks before I first went backpacking through Europe in the summer of 2006. This backpack accompanied me on two trips for two months across seven countries and I couldn’t have bought a better one. Backpacking is an interesting hobby that not a lot of people understand. Millions of people go out into the world every year and just travel. Some people, like me, go out with a just a backpack and hop on trains and stay in hostels. Others use suitcases, rent cars, and stay in hotels. The first group is really traveling; everyone else is just going from place to place. My mother took me traveling a lot as a child. By the time that I was thirteen I had been to forty-five states, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Austria, and the British Virgin Islands. I knew that I wanted to travel and should do it in such a way that I would completely immerse myself into the culture. At fourteen I bought a Lonely Planet travel book on Europe and started seeing how much there was to do and how many places there were to go in Europe alone. I had not even begun contemplating the rest of the world. So I filled my bound brown notebook with as much information as I could about different places and got a job to pay for my trip.
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Now the time had come, I was seventeen years old and buying my first backpack. In backpackers’ terms a backpack is not just a piece of luggage. It is also a pillow on long
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Hobbies - Logan Johnson 113258 Just a Worn Out Bag The REI...

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