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Candidate Name (BLOCK LETTERS): Candidate Number: I have read and understood the penalities involved if I do not abide by the rules outlined on the back of this examination paper. Candidate Signature: Course: 002788 - Technology Mathematics Subject Area: MATH Catalog Number: 11160 Paper Number: 1 Component: All Components Duration: 180 minutes Open/Closed Book: Restricted Materials Perusal Time: 15 minutes Lecturer: Rob MCDOUGALL Contact Number: 07 4930 9486 Moderator: Ross SHEPHERD Contact Number: 07 4930 9024 Office Use: Release Exam Paper two weeks after exam period? No Instructor Authorised/Allowed Materials Non-programmable calculators allowed Dictionary - non-electronic, concise, direct translation only (dictionary must not contain any notes or comments). Special Instructions to Candidates: A clean copy of the set text is permitted.
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Unformatted text preview: Complete as much of the paper as you can in the time available. It is expected that 8 completed questions is a full paper. Examination Office Supplied Materials 2 x Exam Answer Booklet 2 x Graph Paper - 2mm 1 x Rough Paper This exam paper is not to be released to the student at the conclusion of the exam Exam Cover Page Term: 2005 Term 1 Session: T1- Term One Academic Institution: Central Queensland University Academic Group: Faculty of Info & Comm Academic Career: Undergraduate Exam Type: Standard Central Queensland University considers improper conduct in examinations to be a serious offence. Penalties for cheating are exclusion from the University and cancellation with academic penalty from the course concerned....
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