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Taylor 1 Abortionists, the doctors who practice abortions, claim that the fetuses that they abort are not human, and therefore they are not really killing anything. They are just “removing contents” (Brennan 3) from the womb. But how can they say that what they are extracting is not a living human? I do not believe they can truthfully say, in their heart-of-hearts, that this is true. “A man can be convicted of a double murder and sentenced to die if he tosses his pregnant wife into the San Francisco Bay. Meanwhile, in an abortion clinic across the street from the courtroom where such a murderer is sentenced, a “doctor”, nurses, and a mother can openly conspire to murder a child as it emerges from the birth canal.” (Kirkwood 2) This is the true life story of Scott Peterson, the husband of Laci Peterson. He is on trial for two murders. At this time, the outcome of the trial is uncertain. But why was he accused of a double murder? Using the logic of pro-choicers, only one life was taken since the baby that Laci was carrying was neither alive nor human. But common law thinks otherwise. In fact, if a murderess is sentenced to die but is found to be pregnant, she can not be executed until after her child is born because it would “unjustly punish the child for the mother’s crime.” (Kirkwood 1) But how can that be if the fetus inside her is neither alive nor human? It makes absolutely no sense at all! Our society is so hypocritical! If abortion was seen in the same way as the aforementioned situations it would be logical to think that “all those who participate in or even encourage an abortion, including parents, grandparents, doctors, spouses, and so on, are all guilty of murder too!” (Kirkwood 2) Isn’t that disturbing? I certainly think so Some have gone so far as to compare abortion to the genocide of the Holocaust. “Genocide can be defined as the murder of a whole group of people, especially a whole
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Taylor 2 nation, race, religious group, etcetera.” (Cunningham 4) But those who argue that unborn fetuses are not people don’t believe that this can be applied. But then didn’t the Nazis also believe that Jews were not human? “The simple truth is that whenever a vulnerable group gets in our way, we try to exclude them” (Cunningham 2) or even get rid of them. Hitler did not call what was being done to the Jews in Germany “killing”. In the same
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ABORTION_ESSAY_ - Taylor 1 Abortionists, the doctors who...

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