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Book Review Golf in the Kingdom - Ryan Williams November...

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Ryan Williams November 19 th 2007 Book Review: Golf in the Kingdom Golf in the Kingdom has been hailed one of the greatest pieces of literature ever to reflect on the game of golf . “A golf classic if any exists in our day”, claimed John Updike. 35 years after this book was originally published, the legend of Shivas Irons continues to capture anew the minds and imaginations of weekend hackers and tour professionals alike . Beautifully written, the story becomes so real at times that readers can appreciate and share Murphy’s experiences and learn from them as his or her own . The story being told is that of the author, Michael Murphy, in his experiences playing a round of golf at the legendary Burningbush golf course in Fife, Scotland . He plays the round with club professional Shivas Irons, a local legend . They begin as any normal grouping, a total of three golfers, out to battle a very challenging golf course . Murphy has for a goal what any American golfer would, to shoot par. Of course, being a difficult course, and for reasons unknown, Murphy ends up playing a rather disastrous front 9 . Then, as he overhears Shivas instructing the third golfer on “true gravity”, he begins to see “auras” glowing around his ball as it flies through the air . At first he believes it’s a trick being played by his retina, but of course Shivas thinks differently and encourages him to embrace his visions . Murphy begins to experiment with some of the unorthodox techniques Shivas is teaching. At the legendary thirteenth hole, Lucifer’s Rug, Murphy changes his game around, birdying the toughest hole on the course, and in the process becomes a believer in Shivas’ ways . The round of golf turns out to be a turning point in Murphy’s life, for what Shivas teaches him in the next twenty four hours inspires him to think in a way that he would never be able to reverse . After the round of golf, Shivas invites Murphy over for drinks with some of his friends . The group ends up having a very interesting conversation about their various view of the game of golf . Fueled
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by whiskey, the rowdy bunch begin to delve deep into the meaning of the game, making claims such as “golf is the yoga of the supermind”, a truly baffling statement . While much of this talk is pointless argument, the topic of Seamus McDuff enters the conversation . Seamus was a controversial fellow, with some people having their reservations about the offbeat character
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Book Review Golf in the Kingdom - Ryan Williams November...

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