world civ responce paper 1

world civ responce paper 1 - Anastasios Pappas September...

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Anastasios Pappas September 26, 2007 Section G4 Governing the Incan Empire Andria Overfield, “Human Record. Sources of Human History” Houghton Miffun Company, 2001 Howard Spodek, “The World’s History: Third Edition” Pearson Education Inc., 2006 Of all of the primary civilizations in the history of mankind, the empires of the early Americas are least known of. Contrary to most of the other primary civilization discovered, the peoples of the Andes Mountains did not have a uniform system of writing to record their achievements and heritage. Only through archeological findings and the recording of Spanish Conquistadores do we know about their complex systems of government, documentation, and the roles of its citizens. The “Pedro de Cieza de León, Chronicles” were the observations of a Spaniard who recorded his findings as he conquered the Incas thus ending their reign. Within his recordings he discusses the creation of the Incan Empire through the unification of many Amerindian states. Although the Incas created an entire empire without the use of writing, little credit is given to them for their resourcefulness and ability to remain efficient. Incan Government had many distinct characteristics that make it unique. Created by the unification of five separate states, it combined many aspects from each of these states to form
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world civ responce paper 1 - Anastasios Pappas September...

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