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Anastasios Pappas Instructor Pete Howard Writing 102 November 8 2007 W.C.333 For my presentation I chose the song I Feel like Dying by the hip hop artist Lil Wayne which is basically a song expressing his dependency of drugs and how he feels during and after their use. Before I am considered a drug addict, I do want it known that I first heard this song in my friend’s car and liked it before I could really decipher the lyrics. Throughout this song, Lil Wayne constantly uses symbolism to describe how he feels during his trips using several different drugs such as marijuana, xanex, and alcohol. The chorus of the song which is, “lonely once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying, I feel like dying” we can clearly see how his dependency controls him and that he cannot escape it. In the beginning of the song he says, “I am sitting on a cloud I got smoke coming from my seat I can play basketball with the
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Unformatted text preview: moon I got the whole world at my feet.” Here he uses the symbolism that he is actually on a cloud flying to represent how “high” he feels when he is smoking. When Lil Wayne says, “I can mingle with the stars & throw a party on Mars I am a prisoner locked up behind xanax bars” he uses symbolism to make him represent a prisoner locked up as a xanex addict. Although this song is supposed to celebrate his drug use, he symbolizes his life in general in several ways. The ups and downs of his highs represent the ups and downs in his life and while he is a very successful person he is addicted to it and when he doesn’t have that he feels like dying as said in his song. I feel that this song is very good not just because of its musical appeal but also because of the controversy it sparks and the symbolisms that it produces....
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