120.T8 - i Serial Monogamy b Polygamy i Polygyny ii...

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CSULB Instructor: George M. Scott ANTHROPOLOGY 120 INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY OUTLINE—TOPIC 8 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY I. MARRIAGE A. Introduction—Mainly a Cultural Phenomenon B. Obligations/Functions 1. Children 2. Occupy Adult Roles C. Cross-Cultural Characteristics 1. Relationship Between Groups Rather Than Individuals a. Leverate b. Sororate 2. Not Only a Sexual Relationship, But a Form of Exchange a. Bride Price b. Dowry 3. No Society Allows Indiscriminate Marriage—Incest Taboo 4. Relatively Few Societies Limit Their Members to One Spouse Apiece a. Monogamy
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Unformatted text preview: i. Serial Monogamy b. Polygamy i. Polygyny ii. Polyandry D. Marriage and Residence 1. Patrilocality/Virilocality 2. Matrilocality/Uxorilocality 3. Avunculocality 4. Neolocality II. THE FAMILY A. Household vs. Family B. Types of Family Groups 1. Nuclear 2. Complex a. Polygynous Family Group b. Polyandrous Family Group c. Extended Family i. Patrilocal ii. Matrilocal 1 iii. Matrifocal iv. Avunculocal d. Joint Family i. Fraternal ii. Sororal e. Mixed Family 3. Homosexual Family 4. Single Parent Family 5. “Unclear Family” 2...
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120.T8 - i Serial Monogamy b Polygamy i Polygyny ii...

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