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120.T9 - Cousin g Consanguineal(By"Blood" vs...

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1 CSULB Instructor: George M. Scott ANTHROPOLOGY 120 INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY OUTLINE—TOPIC 9 KINSHIP AND DESCENT I. INTRODUCTION A. Cultural Rather Than Biological System e.g., Unilineal Descent Through Only Father or Mother B. Basis for Social Organization—In Simple Societies (H-G's), the Sole Basis C. Diagramming Kinship 1. Symbols: Male = ▲ Female = ○ 2. Kin Term vs. Kin Type Terms (Emic) Types (Etic) “Uncle” FB, MB “Aunt” FZ, MZ “Grandparents” FF, FM; MF, MM “Cousins” FBS, FBD; FZS, FZD MBS, MBD; MZS, MZD 3. Criteria for Classifying Kin a. Ego b. Collateral (Both Sided) vs. Lineal Kin (One Sided, Either F or M) c. Patrilateral vs. Matrilateral d. Ascending vs. Descending Generations e. Cross vs. Parallel Cousins (FZS, FZD, MBS, MBD vs. FBS, FBD, MZS, MZD) f. Descriptive (Father, Mother, Sister, Son) vs. Classificatory (Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather,
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Unformatted text preview: Cousin) g. Consanguineal (By "Blood") vs. Affinal (By Marriage) Kin II. DESCENT SYSTEMS A. Bilateral (Cognatic Kin; Cognates; Kindred) B. Unilineal 1. Patrilineal (Agnatic Kin; Agnates) 2. Matrilineal (Uterine Kin; Uterines) 3. Double or Bilineal C. Bilateral=Egocentric Social Units; Unilineal=Sociocentric Units D. Continuum of the Adaptive Strategies 2 Bilateral Unilineal Bilateral ◄**************************************************************► H-G Hort. Past. Agri. Indus. E. Bilateral—Flexibility and Mobility; Kindred F. Unilineal—Control of Common Property and Labor Pool; Corporate Descent Group G. Thus, in U.S.—Rule (Kindred) and Exception (Corporate)...
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