Assignment 2_1 - Name Anthropology 110 Assignment 2(25...

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Name____________________________ Anthropology 110 Assignment 2 (25 points) Complete each of the exercises below. You can either type the answers or write the answers in with pencil or pen, only. Use your notes and your book as resources to answer the questions (unless otherwise noted). This is an individual assignment and group work is not allowed. The entire assignment is worth 25 points. Be sure to sign the University Honor Statement on the last page. Exercise 1 – Comparative Primate Skeletal Anatomy Primate skulls can be differentiated based on certain characteristics. The following is an abbreviated list of major skeletal criteria used in studying primate crania. Some of these have already been discussed in class. Using the definitions of traits below and the scoring, complete the chart. Skeletal Characteristics General points: New World monkeys have smaller facial skeletons than Old World monkeys Old World monkeys have a long and prominent snout compared to New World monkeys Prosimians are small compared to the rest of the primate order Sagittal Crest: A cresting of bone that runs down the middle (midline) of the skull, along the sagittal suture in mammals and some primates. It is a site of muscular attachment for mastication. Scoring: Pronounced/Reduced/Not present Location of orbit : Is it on the side or is it placed forward? Forward facing eye orbits area a characteristic of primates in general, allowing for binocular vision. Scoring: Forward/Side Postorbital bar : Eye sockets bounded on sides by a ring of bone. Scoring: Present/Absent Postorbital enclosure : Eye sockets completely encased by bone. Scoring: Present/Absent Dental Formula : The dental formula of humans, apes, and all Old World monkeys: for upper and lower. The dental formula for New World monkeys: for both upper and lower. Prosimians have slightly varied dental formulae and the upper and lower formulae can differ. Scoring: the dental formula, i.e. (upper and lower)
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Dental comb : Projection of the lower incisors and canines. The dental comb is found on the mandible. Scoring Present/Absent Canine size and shape
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Assignment 2_1 - Name Anthropology 110 Assignment 2(25...

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