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Higher Ed yo - Sara Madanat ENG 114.24 Gia Barilari...

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Sara Madanat ENG 114.24 Gia Barilari 05/20/08 Final Draft 20,000+ ‘Express’ Ticket to Your Goals Attending college really never was a decision, it was an automated process I needed to go through, and my parents never really asked me if I wanted to go or not. I was just going there. During my senior year in high school one of the big topics was college, which college to apply to and what’s your major? Most of my friends knew their majors and they were ready to get out of high school, I was too except I had no idea what my major would be and from what I have heard, taking general education classes were mainly designed to help you with that. If I had goals going into college I’m sure each semester would be a lot more structured and I would have had a motive to do well. My main problem might be because if the high expectations I had set for college, either I did not meet them or the University did not. My main goal was being wealthy and healthy, I know I will, my problem was I didn’t know how I could get there. When I read stories about high school drop outs making millions a year with a fat smile on their faces (because they skipped college?) I think, why not me? Education is important and priceless, but I have been a firm believer that I can read my ambiguous goals in
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This note was uploaded on 05/18/2008 for the course ENG 114 taught by Professor Fidelibus during the Spring '08 term at S.F. State.

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Higher Ed yo - Sara Madanat ENG 114.24 Gia Barilari...

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