QUIZ_III-Answers - QUIZ III Name: Score: Angiosperm Growth...

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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ III Name: Score: Angiosperm Growth and diversity Q1. Below are 2 columns listing: 1) Phyla, and 2) life cycle generations of plants you have studied. In all parts of this question you are asked to identify the specimen displayed. To do so, write letters corresponding to the phylum and lifecycle generation to which the specimen belongs (a minimum of 2 letters). If both gametophyte and sporophyte generations are known to be present in/on the specimen, write both letters g and s Phylum Generation of lifecycle a. Anthophyta g. gametophyte b. Bryophyta s. sporophyte p. Pterophyta A. 1.Identify the specimen .___B g/s___ 2. This specimen is homosporous or heterosporous? homosporous 3. The specimen produces spores in structures called Capsule-sporangium B. 1.Identify the specimen._A S_ 2. This specimen is a (circle the right answer) Fruit Megasporangium ovule Seed C. 1.Identify the specimen _A g/s 2. This specimen produced and carried which of the following items? (circle all correct answers) megaspores microspores ovules pollen grains seeds 3. Label the above diagram with the following terms: stigma, style, ovule, ovary, carpel, anther, filament, stamen. D. 1. Identify the specimen A.__P s/g_ 2. What happens to the gametophyte stage as the sporophyte stage matures? Dies/withers away and sporophyte as the dominant generation of lifecycle. 3. The upright stalked structure originated from what cell in the basal structure? Archegonium+ Zygote E. 1. The size of which part decreases as the seedling continues to grow? __3_____ 2.Why does its size decrease? The cotyledon shrinks as nutrients are removed from it to provide for the growth of the seedling. F. What is the ploidy of the structure labeled 3? (Circle your answer.) haploid diploid triploid 2. Use the diagram of a bean seedling at the right to answer the questions....
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QUIZ_III-Answers - QUIZ III Name: Score: Angiosperm Growth...

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