Chapter_18 - The objective of this final lab of the year is...

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The objective of this final lab of the year is to: 1. Develop a sense of how sampling techniques are used in understanding field ecology. 2. Learn and understand the specific adaptations that aquatic species develop in particular habitats. 3. LEARN how to use the dichotomous keys for identification of organisms. (This is one of the key concept and this is usually what the final will test you on besides some theoretical concept etc.) Pre Lab Answers 1. The overall degree of water movement and the relative amount of land water interchange are the key differences between these two habitats. 2. The limnetic zone is the region of primary productivity, although in the littoral zone, aquatic life is the richest and most abundant due to the floating and rooted plants. 3. In a pool region of a stream one might find organisms that are similar to those found in a pond. 4. Crayfish are considered benthic organisms because they are bottom dwellers. 5. Terrestrial vegetation (especially leaf litter) supplies the largest proportion of the energy used by stream organisms. 6. The greatest abundance of plankton would be found in the pond (limnetic zone), which is a region of slow moving water. SOME NOTES: The general classification of organisms: Periphyton: These are the organisms that grow attached to underwater substrates such as rocks and plants. The include bacteria, fungi, algae, protistans, and small invertebrate animals (e.g. rotifers and certain worms). Microscopic
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Chapter_18 - The objective of this final lab of the year is...

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