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3 8 07 Thursday - Thursday HW Essays whole part of Number A...

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3/8/07 Thursday HW: Essays – whole part of Number A under 3 Essay, answer one of two questions. Don’t need to answer all parts of the question – they are just there to help guide you. Do not need to do research; it’s not a research paper so don’t need footnotes etc. You may also make up your own question. I will look over and verify it. I will also read your outline. Today, Weber is going to tell us how Capitalism developed. We are going to stay pretty close to the text in the next 3-4 lectures. We will suggest implications but we won’t tackle all of them until we end. Why these materials are hard – we are going to get historical comparisons all the time. The method approach here is circular, he will talk about traditional capitalism, go on to something else, and then come back to that point. Eventually he’ll hit everything, but it’s hard to follow because of the circular format. He starts with modern reality and works his way back. The major point is how Calvinism was like and how Calvinism shape modernism – but he doesn’t get to Calvinism until late. He emphasizes oh “ideal type” – he’ll construct for you an idea on Capitalism, Protestant ethics etc. Weber felt that if you boil everything down, there is a common set of intention to be a good person in the world. There isn’t anything in the world called the “Protestant Ethics” – it is religion boiled down to describe the proper way to behave in the world with your own soul and
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3 8 07 Thursday - Thursday HW Essays whole part of Number A...

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